Sugar is evil, I think we all knew it from the get go. I’m so sore because I am becoming an old man and I’m sure sugar is too blame.

It is so annoying how some people can find ways to make money and some are always in the rat race. I want a good easy paying job where I don’t have to deal with people that I don’t like every day.

I was watching Alan Greenspan speak the other day about flexible free market economy. Amazing that he can give speeches with such a breadth of information without using any notes in front of national television. He just spoke the ideas and information as he saw it, and that was it. He had no question as to what his message was, nor did he falter in his delivery. I just found it intriguing because the majority of the time that I communicate in similar fashion I am when I’m bull shitting.

I continued my Rugby try scoring streak last weekend in Cocoa beach against FAU. I felt so unutilized throughout the game because I know that I am a much better back than foreword player, which is what I fielded as. In discussing this with another forward he calmly exclaimed, “forward is all I know.” I was thinking on the way back that there is no reason why I can’t be great at both, but my rapidly shattering framework tends to disagree.