We lost a divison match that I didn’t play in to UNF, which sucks because now we have to beat UCF to win the DII and I don’t think that we can do it, they ironically look like the team to beat with many of the players I started out with heading up their pack, leaner and faster.

Pessimistically I belive that we do not have the leadership or the motivation to win. It is difficult because rugby is intrinsically a team game and when the team isn’t diciplined or under a proven leader, neophytes will not follow suit. I study the game and continually focus on my personal advancement always.

I have a second interview for the Cost Anaylst position with American Coatings, an engineering firm in need of a price list administrator. I have to drive a ways east to get there but I should be able to complete the job from home which is nice. I am just now forced to decide what my next move is going to be as far as my current situation. This Monday.

Looking good does not always mean feeling good; I am ever locked within the struggle to maintain discipline but the benefits are nice. I’m drinking alot of Gen Maicha lately, there is something about the complex grassy and nutty nuances of its flavor that keeps me drinking.

Lets hope that I don’t break any part of my cartiliage tomorrow, that the rage of yesterday burns hot in my fingers to still my opponents.