Coffee Contemplations was something cool that I stumbled over the other day. A pastor that blogs along side coffee. Some people..

The Boondocks have some tight lyrics in the opening sequence, check it out.

So I spent some money last weekend and had a grand old time, kind of like Pre-Birthday. Historically, birthdays are getting less and less interesting, I think by the time I’m 30 I’ll just mark a calendar day, if I make it that far.

So why am I addicted to Gen-Macha? The subtle toasted brown rice flavor is just so mellow and pleasant yet it has a crisp taste that refreshes and cleanses. I tried some other brand the other day and it just didn’t have that flavor.

So last night I decided to take a hammer to my Xbox, I smashed it to pieces for a good 10 minutes. I dropped it while taking it next door and it was apparently destoyed. I wanted to take pictures but someone decided to throw it in the garbage. Alas, I haven’t even played the thing in a while.

I’m intent on having a wine tasting party now, despite everyone laughing at the notion it is so much fun. I was discussing with a fellow Catholic the other night on how difficult of a time I am having giving up something for lent. She suggested that I should just search for overall good things to do for people, rather than do the exercise in discipline in which I might not reveal any true meaning.