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Sleepy OreoSauce: You don’t exercise
Sleepy OreoSauce: You don’t’ read
ufsuperjenn24: what?
ufsuperjenn24: are you serious?
Sleepy OreoSauce: You aren’t abreast of current issues
ufsuperjenn24: I jog all the time
Sleepy OreoSauce: to the fridge? That doesn’t count..
ufsuperjenn24: I am currently reading a novel and always start another when I’m done
ufsuperjenn24: fuck you
ufsuperjenn24: you can stop talking to me know

Why am I such an asshole? I have ponderd the question much over these past few weeks. Why do I mock and prod my peers, goading them with judgements masked as inquiries?

I remember when I first started playing rugby back at UCF, I was so attracted to the sport not because of the foreign skills or the new challange, but it was because I felt there were so many players that were better than I. I would have to struggle just to be average.

Woody Allen says in Annie Hall that there is an old Groucho Marx joke that says: I wouldn’t want to be a part of any club that would have me for a member. I think it is a similar ideal; I wouldn’t have anything to say if I didn’t feel like I was lowering myself in certain company. Yet why do I do it?

I think that only a fool would believe that he could associate with thieves and never be tempted to steal. Hence my critique and new goals for Spring and Summer 06.


1. I’ve stuck to working out and seen some good results.
2. I held down 3 jobs and attended as many classes as possible.
3. I’ve taken steps to become financially sound.

1. I haven’t recorded any progress, and I haven’t kept my eating in check.
2. I quit 2 of my jobs and haven’t looked for another since.
3. I haven’t saved anywhere near enough and have continued to waste money.

1. Develop advanced eating plan
2. Continually work to eliminate those who compromise me
3. Suppliment income with new employment.
4. Take steps toward Auto Mechanical Knowledge
5. Finish screenplay