I think every person deep inside has a desire to be at least considered a person of goodness and can hold true to a set or morals.

First off, what a horribly constructed sentence. Mr. Anonymous…

Further, I have no such desire; as black men so often tattoo on their arms, “only God can judge me.” I don’t feel that my morals are flawed, nor that I am not a good person.

I find it hard to believe that you wake up each morning with that desire to be an asshole.

No, I wake up every morning pondering how to fuck with someone new, I find such joy in aggravation.

I think when those morals are challenged by fear… anger… loneliness… betrayal, you tend to lose faith and trust in any and all your relationships.

Are you drunk? What morals are you taking about? My personal beliefs lead me to aggravate others more when I feel that they are lacking in some area but I think being an ass has nothing to do with morals.

Maybe this is why you feel your life is so void of meaning and lonely.

Thanks, but I thought my life was quite splendid.