I write because it is only half time at the preseason match up that is my current life and near future.

Been pretty quiet this month, not many points scored.

Sad, but maybe indicative of some greater effect of the stimulants of this earth that it is every so often I come upon a revelation; thus that fits the key groves of this life which holds my consciousness.

The gain came like heavy snow, random and ever increasing full of beauty and danger. My accomplishments and paths were becoming lucid like polished tin.

I have not yet tasted failure, I am still moving with considerable steam. Lately I have been skipping a few steps and tripping every so often. I have realized that it is time to slam it into high gear again. This will now be my mantra:

You will succeed not because you are the smartest nor the strongest, but because your discipline is forged in the iron furnace of pain. You will achieve because you can take more pain and suffering than anyone; you aren’t like others in this race. You have been broken only to come back harder, and it is the blood and the fear that make you hungry. You love the pain because it makes you stronger, you push further because you cannot see nor accept your limits. God will destroy this earth again, and there
will be nothing, and nothing is in your way but you.

Force yourself.