If one considers this as an outsider looking in, one would wonder why the writer feels as if he is deserving of “pain” and “punishment”. What would cause a person to crave physical pain and suffering? Are these extremes simply to mask something else that lurks just beneath the surface? I wonder..

Great example of a person that is living for today, a soul that knows not the true function of pain in this world. As the previous quote implied, pain is something we carry with us because it shows us who we are. I am interested in knowing myself, understanding my limitations and the nature of the body God has given.

Plato said that is would be shame if any citizen did not train their bodies as well as their minds, because they are gifts to be utilized. What other creature on earth can improve themselves as vastly as a human?

The human race is deserving of punishment because countless times in history we have gone against God, and it was the sacrifice of Jesus that was made to be the guide for our lives. Jesus endured pain and he welcomed his fate, and so I will endure and welcome mine. It is about patience and impermanence.

African tribes scar themselves as a reminder of what lies beneath the surface. Only those that would wish to ignore the daily struggle would call my musings extreme. Winston Churchill comments that only those who are successful can write history, when I reach success my methods will not be looked upon as extreme, but sound.

I like the movie Apocalypse Now because it illustrates perfectly this fact, where his methods unsound because he was not favored, or because they where truly unsound. Sure he went off the deep end, but he was a warrior in a war. Should one not wage such to the best of their ability, enacting that however barbarous and uncivilized to achieve victory? That is the question that I ask, Mr. Anonymous.