Stone Sour – Through the Glass Lyrics

“I’m looking at you through the glass
Don’t know how much time has passed
Oh God it feels like forever
But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home
Sitting all alone inside your head”

Such a cool little song. I think they are so much better that that abortion of music called Slipknot. A lot of new music out lately. I really like Rick Ross’s Port of Miami, many good guest stars on it as well.

I love TCM. Old movies are so so so much better than the ones that come out today. I watch crap like Pirates of the Caribbean and compare it to the masterpieces, the intricately woven stories from master story tellers and directors.

H.M. Pulham, Esq. was a movie I say the other night with one of the most beautiful women, Hedy Lamarr. Such a great story that can appeal to everyone at ever age.

I love European actresses, such lips, such features… Just beautiful. For me you can’t beat that dark hair and dark eyes combination.