“Without struggle, there is no growth.” Sayeth my good friend and often inspirational source of knowledge, Theory.

She has been blogging for a while and always has something good to say. Ever since high school she has always been a step ahead and I like having someone to catch.

I’ve been doing a lot of partying lately but in the back of my mind I have kept my covenant to discipline fresh in my mind. I’m starting my training this Monday and I have resolved to only go out one night a school week and then whatever on weekends. Sleep is going to be important for success.

There are a few schools of thought that I have encountered when discussing productivity. One would argue that removing one self from negative stimuli is the key to maximizing personal production and while I agree that while this is always beneficial, I belong to the school of success under any constraints.

I should be able to split a hair with all the noise and distraction in the world bearing down upon me. I want to be that good, concentration honed and polished like a knife edge. If I can not control myself under fire, then let me be consumed.

There is no fire. There is only goal, determination, and the path.