One thing that we know is that we have 100 times more stress than our grandfathers. One study showed that just wearing your cell phone on your hip lowers androgen levels by 31% due to what’s probably a combination of stress and low-level radiation… and cell phones weren’t as popular when that study came out.

A few months ago I dropped having a cell phone. People can get a hold of me through email or by calling my office. My stress levels probably went down by 50%.

The University of Montreal did a study and found that the average cop has a body fat of 23%. The average felon’s body fat was 8%. The average cop’s VO2Max was 37; the average felon’s was 55. There is a trend toward changing this, but if you look at European cops verses North American cops, the difference is stellar.

Say what you will about Victor Conte, but when he came out with ZMA, he solved America’s two greatest deficiencies: zinc and magnesium.

In addition to the above HCl protocols, here are a few other suggestions to normalize your stomach acid levels. First, avoid carbonated drinks. Second, avoid all-you-can-eat buffets, as they’re America’s leading source of food-borne pathogens.”

Testosteron Nation is a great site. The science of our bodies is amazing. I take ZMA regularly now and I think it is a excellent product. I feet a surge in testosterone right away.