I was so happy today was my day off from training. I knew there would be no way that I could do any serious lifting with all my injuries right now. I think I carry them well but my body is hurting everywhere and I just want to heal as fast as I used too.

I ruptured blood vessels in my forearm from a stiff elbow giving it a nasty purple hue as well as making sleep very difficult. I cannot do any type of curling motion and it pulses with pain as the blood spills from my veins into muscle tissue. I was punched in the collar bone yesterday at practice, which is swollen and painful, and my left side delt is severely strained from doing cable crunches in bad form or some rugby related incident. My wrists are the worst, I have to tape them at practice as the left, weakened from last years hand fracture and the right twisted from an 85lb dumbbell make daily tasks very difficult.

I’m getting more sleep and drinking more green tea but I know I need to take time off to heal, I just can’t. Momentum I would describe much like a heroin addict would smack; If I stop I am depressed and malcontent. I have been doing well discipline wise as I have not gone out one weeknight in a while, however I have to start working harder at school. I am behind in everything.

Dead Lifts yesterday went splendid, they are quickly becoming my favorite lift. I love the wrist straps, and my new play list thrusts and drives my body to action.

So today I rest, and tomorrow I return. We play Embry Riddle this weekend and since it is a home game I must bring the pain like I am known to dispense. Sunday will find me a pile of bones and worn cartilage collapsed upon the couch.

On a side note, I would love to date a woman that is an accomplished horse rider. Going for my first lesson yesterday and watching some girls move through a trot to gallop my mind could only imagine the possibilities with such inner thigh development 🙂