“I’m a real sucker for this fall stuff. But tell me this: who doesn’t love sweaters and scarves and boots and layers? He who denies the lure of fall is a big, fat liar.”

Yes the low today is 59 degrees in lovely Tallahassee.

I went horse back riding today for the first time in what my mother argued hasn’t been such a long time. It was so glorious, there are many things to be said about a wild majestic beast. I could instantly see how the Spaniards could so easily have conquered central and south America with them, I mean you are so high off the ground it is amazing. My horse was kind of fat and lazy but I loved it. I kept thinking as I watched all the little girls riding expertly and my big huge self struggling to maintain that I would have loved regular lessons as a child.

Someday I want some powerful Arabian stallions, a whole stable of them. Now that would be tight, kind of like this guy but not in my bed 🙂