I was hanging out at the big beef compound last night. I call this comfy nested location such because almost all of it’s inhabitants are of the meat head persuasion. Big Beef, who does bouncing work, and reads the FSU scouting service Warchant was chillin along with Ky, who used to play basketball for a div II team back in Oregon. Napoleon who had rolled through in his big explorer bangin twelves, was making intermittent apperaences from his room to pack the red bong I had to give him to deal with his leg soreness. I broke it when we were watching UFC fight a few saturdays ago.

Sounds like a good story dosen’t it? But tomorrow school is starting and there really is this kind of depressed feeling in the air, but not for me. I have an aura of determination in anticipation for my last semester. This is going to be the first major transition to a lifestyle that I plan to lead for the next several years. Got the new job that seems like it will be a nice low stress way to add cash flow, and while it isn’t exactly at a financially economical distance, the drive is nice and contemplative.

After my car fucked up this week which allowed me to start borrowing my roommates Accord. I love the car, nice comfortable ride. I worked out a payment plan for it, and as I am reluctant to take on another expense when my investments are so low and debt so high, it is an expense I need desperatly. I am going to be working 100% now. School will still be priority one however with three classes left I am excited to start kicking my ass and making some money.

Playin a little J’Dilla on the myspace, anyone that likes downtempo or chillout and wants to hear a quality lyricist flow over some classic motown soul samples should check out Wont Do.