Everyone is lazy, and no one is born with inherent motivation. I think we are all driven by something to either succeed or fail. Some, actually many, are driven by fear. Fear of failure, loneliness, ex cetera. I am driven by greed.

I was walking home from school today and I saw a girl driving a really nice Nissan smoking a cigarette. She has never known suffering, I thought to myself. Only affluence, and she spends her life the bride of necessity only needing what she wants, rather than what she truly needs.

I am greedy because I have been poor. I used to walk with my mother carrying the groceries from the store when we didn’t have a car. I never felt like we were poor, or noticed it, yet we were.

I think there are very few who can sacrifice what they want. I often encounter those that just say ‘fuck it’ and do things because they are slaves to their desires. I am a student of self discipline, the greatest power of all. The more one can deny himself, the greater he can become.

So when people ask me, why I push myself so hard. Why I am so hard on myself. The answer lies in the question, because I have the ability to push and become stronger from the tribulation. They who waste time ask why such a hurry. I ask why wait.

The greed is for all things, knowledge, power, and prosperity.

One of my favorite quotes: Success comes to those who sacrifice who they are for what they can be.