This might be the beginning of the end, but today I feel like I’ve had enough. My 18/10 stainless steel, copper core set of cookery that I received for Christmas a few years back have just taken too much abuse in this house.

I just have never met someone who simply refuses to clean up after themselves and can maintain such composure. Usually someone is filthy at home as well as attire I should think however I live with someone who must of grown up with a maid following their every step, collecting and sweeping like some underpaid immigrant.

I mean it is incredulous to me that someone can function with full recognition of their filth still lingering from the morning like it is simply not present, after days. I don’t mean to be so anal, as I feel somewhat hypocritical even discussing topics like these. Yet dried two day old macaroni or burnt Campbell’s tomato soup isn’t fun to scrub out of my pans, especially if I am not the one creating the mess.

My cries fall on unsympathetic ears and I took drastic action tonight. I cleaned them all up for the last time and hid them in my closet. I feel horrible for doing such, I feel like that guy.

I just can’t bear the filth anymore.