As Iraq descends into a quagmire of anarchy and death, the death toll continues to rise..

Monday’s explosions, which could be heard a mile away from the banks of the Tigris River, tore through the Bab al-Sharqi market shortly after noon in a clear attempt to kill as many people as possible at a time of day when commuters and shoppers tend to gather there in large numbers.

Witnesses said the force of the blasts sent jagged pieces of the sales stalls hurtling through the crowd. Body parts were strewn on the pavement, and heavy gunfire erupted. Black smoke billowed above the center of the capital.

What will the future generations think of our president, he who is so hated by so many. Looks like they are planing something and I think we are in a mess.

I can’t imagine seeing anything like that. Body parts flying in all directions, I cheer the democrats, yes I dare say it. Minimum wage got passed, what has Bush done since the tax cuts but waste money and make Halliburton richer? Good thing I’m not there, fighting an enemy that cannot be recognized or discriminated, better armed and informed that I.