o you know what I hate, ridiculousness. I decided to eat a greasy ass Hardy’s meal this morning and I ordered some meal that came with deep fried potatoes as well as meat and cheese and egg on a biscuit. With full knowledge that the meal I was about to imbibe probably contributes greatly to the obesity of America, I sat and waited. Then, the kind yet motley African American woman informed me they were out of biscuits, as well as another man standing next to me. We were both obliviously perturbed as they gave us the mess of food on a “burrito roll.”

I really hate how people describe things based on what they are used for not what they actually are. (Pizza sauce, hamburger meat, nacho sauce, etc..why not ground beef, marinara, melted cheese…fools). The hypocrisy of it all I thought to myself as I looked at the menu gleaming with large, fat inducing starchy biscuits. What else do they even serve here, how could they run out? I suppose there is a first and last time for everything..

I ate the mess in silence and then chatted with Drew Weatherford for a second before going to class. Political Geography, to me it is a snooze fest, to my neighbors it is the essence of interesting. Sorry, but I’ll take advanced economics any day.

I saw All The Kings Men, excellent movie. Stephanie picked it out which scored her big taste points with me. So smoothly the days go by, like leaves on the surface of a pond.