The thing that really gets me about the whole situation is how he must feel every night. His approval is lower that Rush Limbaugh on a day without prescription meds and even Republicans are turning their backs on him. The mouthpiece of big industry he has done little throughout his reign, and what will his legacy be? A debt larger than anyone before him that I will have to pay for the rest of my life, and thousands of disabled veterans from a war that should have never been fought.

Sorry, but reading Moody‘s post about it got me thinking..I suppose there are worse leaders in the world..

In other news, the fox and I are getting along swimmingly. She is so prophetic and her prose bleeds into her speech at the most admirable instants. She tells me things that make my heart smile like “I love black and white movies, they are so much fun to figure out.”

She has great taste in movies and is always smiling, she seems very honest and we share an unapologetic love for material things. She makes use of complex conversational metaphors that I love to ponder in the time when she isn’t around. I am infatuated… but still I am keeping my eyes open.