Nice day, but a bit chilly as to be expected. My glorious superbowl champion Indianpolis Colts are now supreme, as I envisioned so long ago.

Super 14 started this week, to take the place of my beloved football weekends now I have glorious high octane Australian rugby to watch.

Spent most of the weekend with the Fox, and we are still getting along so well. We went to lunch on friday, shopping at the mall, and had sleepovers. Ah Bliss.

Man I am so tired today, I am beginning to loathe Spanish class, as it isn’t very interesting. I want to take a Spanish literature class next, as I think I would pick it up much more quickly that way.

Got an excellent letter of reccomendation from an old finance professor, he had great things to say about me and I really felt good about myself. This grad school thing is going to work out swell I think…