I am starting to love coffee, it dosen’t keep me awake at all but every so often it jolts me into action. A shot of espresso is always welcomed, albiet with no sugar or creme which are horribly fattening. It supposedly makes you smarter and speeds your metabolism, awww <span onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)” this=”” class=”blsp-spelling-eyeaah..

So lets hear it for the Colts one more time, and the surgery that is The Payton <span onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)” this=”” class=”blsp-sManning offense.

They are moving my office upstairs which I am not happy with, I would much rather be downstairs where I can make calls and be unproductive.. Maybe it is a good thing however, I need more motivation in my life. Not working out (just cardio) because of my hand has robbed me of some resolve. I have decided to make to do lists every night on the suggestion of the fox, who swears by them.

Listening to Stadium Arcadium, by the RHCP. Such a great band, amazing to me after all this time they are still so tight and putting out great music.

My mother had a long talk with me last night on the merits of successful life choices. She instructed that it is better to complete things first before skipping around as I often do. She told me to build with bricks, not with shifting sand. I like that. I noticed and mentioned that I always skip up stairs when i’m am ascending. We agreed that I need to stop skipping, however I don’t have to walk. I can run.

MBA i’m gunning for ya, but lets get this degree first.