Good thing it is Friday, because my cash flow surely isn’t where it needs to be and I work both tonight and tomorrow.

I’ve come to the realization that much of my intermittent depression is caused from a distinct lack of motivation, or rather the belief that my motivation should be greater than its current level.
I’m really happy lately however, so oh well. The fox is bliss, and school grinds on, approaching an ever increasing termination.

Plan for the weekend

  • Wake up, clean/laundry
  • Shopping
  • Utilize Herb and get a pedicure
  • Lunch at nice restaurant


  • Watch news programs and read paper
  • Study for Multinational Business Operations exam II
    • Making dinner at the fox’s house, Chicken Curry with Basmanti rice, garlic naan bread, a quaff able fabulously sweet and chewy Viognier
  • New Rome!

Spring is coming, I need to loose some weight so I can look good in a bikini…