• “According to a survey of more than 200 Wall Street professionals who took home at least $2 million in cash from their 2006 bonuses, respondents are spending 11% of their payouts, on average, on watches and jewelry. For even the lowest-paid bankers in the survey, that’s a bling budget of more than $200,000.”
  • “A suicide bomber struck Sunday outside a college campus in Baghdad, killing at least 41 people and injuring dozens as a string of other blasts and rocket attacks left bloodshed around the city. The blast left cement walls pockmarked by shrapnel and twisted parts of the metal gate and turnstile. Parents rushed to the site and some collapsed in tears after learning their children were killed or injured. Students used rags and towels to try to mop up the blood.”
  • Expected MBA Earnings – After Graduation
    Women 86,805
    Men 94,710
  • #2 MBA Employer – Google
  • “Pay expectations are high: Candidates expect to take home average salaries of $88,087 in their first year after graduation, up from $81,658 the previous year — and a hefty $167,052 five years down the road.
    There was a nearly $8,000 gap in expected salaries between men and women, with men expecting $94,710 and women expecting $86,805.
    “This is an almost self-inflicted salary gap, because it’s what they’re expecting to get,” said Tattanelli. “It has increased from last year. Part of it is because women gravitate to the consumer goods industries that don’t always have top salaries.”

  • For return on investment, the best home renovation is to upgrade an old bathroom. Kitchens come in second.