I was stung by a jelly fish when I was a child. It is one of those painful memories that will always be with me, like shattering bones in my hands or nose.

Exam in a little bit, I should be studying instead of blogging. I keep finding myself researching and reading about the markets. I wish wish wish I had more money to invest. Again the frugality issue rearing it’s ugly green head. Need to stick to the plan.

I’ve been toying around the moving idea for some time now. Since my current living situation is going to end next month, I’ll need to stay somewhere for the six weeks of summer school that I have left before I graduate.

I think I definitely need to continue with Spanish, and I also need to learn some Chinese. I saw a man scribbling on a whole blank sheet, rendering it full of characters this morning. The icons were very elegant even in their unrefined lines. I watched this program on travel channel about a chef that eats weird things. So cool, I thought it a shame that he could not speak any native languages of the countries he traveled.

The fox offered up her homestead for the six week summer term, but I think that will pretty much ruin our relationship because of my early habits and ass-holishness. I am such an atypical college student, mainly because I am so ready to be done with it. I am beginning to notice how similar we are, especially in the toot your own horn department. The fox always points out what she perceives as her behavior traits; she gave me some good advice regarding being a more closed book in social situations. I have difficultly taking advice from people these days yet at times she helps me realize how annoying I really can be.

Atlanta, that not so far off land of opportunity and culture that I came to adore in the few instances I frequented. I feel as if it might be my next destination this summer. How nice would it be to be alone in a huge city, not knowing anyone or glancing at a face that I know I’ve seen before.

Does anyone else ever get annoying with running into people that they know? Small talk is rather pointless, I usually employ the African American method of salutation known as the head nod. Much more effective than asking about what you are or aren’t doing.