I twisted my ankle playing racket ball yesterday. To anyone who has never done such, it is a really annoying injury, I find myself shuffling and limping along like the kindly old black janitor.

Wow, I really am not indestructible as I used to be/feel. Back to back rugby matches don’t seem within my grasp without some considerable cardiovascular training. Summer usually means a slim down for me so I’m looking forward to that at least.

Jobs, school, future, relocation, money, relationships. Oh these concepts are forever tumbling and swirling around my mind. I have been doing considerable reading on polymath’s these days. I feel like their gift might be almost something of a curse as well. Never truly experiencing the pull of one discipline, instead delving into so many. Must be easy to lose yourself in endless cognition.

My friend Mike says arrogance and self-awareness rarely go hand in hand. I agree whole heatedly. While there are those that are great due to their self promotion, I have never styled myself a member of their ranks. Even those whom I think unworthy of critical language in my reference are quick to make observations regarding my brazen demeanor.

To start over, to embody the meek and hard working, traits my father likened to gold. Sometimes I worry that I am running out of chances to start over, that I am cementing foundations that I do not desire.

The fox’s words keep replaying like a scratched CD: If you don’t share so much of your person, they will have nothing to say.