I recently got in a tiff with the fox about her frequent habit of using an instructional tone. She told me to think outside myself, as I am the king of doing such. She was right.

Things that my parents say seem so much more pertinent these days then when I was younger. My mother always told me to pick my battles. Quarrelling over how hard I work, or who works harder is a futile exercise. Be about it rather than talk about it she would say.

My friend in Vegas has a saying, pure positivity. I like it because in my almost natural state of critical pessimism (that I liken more to objectivism) I sometimes stray from the fact that positive thinking can manifest itself in the physical form. That those who wish to shine like summer must glow more often than not. God is helping as always, success has made me think lately the clouds aren’t as great as clear sky.

Had a presentation today, went well I suppose. Never before have I been so optimistic about my future. I saw a picture of bill grant, and old school bodybuilder. He looks damn good for 60.

I found this through Claire, I really liked it.

Never aspire to be fashionable. Fashion is the foolish imitating the arrogant. Being cool is fear of change dressed in designer clothes. Following fashion is a sure way to prevent any kind of breakthrough in your life. Free yourself from barriers like this. Be who you are, not who everyone else is pretending to be.