The principle proven by Aristotle that not all knowledge can be proved, that sometimes a an explanation is composed of the original problem. I feel like some knowledge emanates from ones presence, felt almost like an aura. In the presence of giants, one can and will feel so not by words alone.

I think, a few years back I was very comparable to those whom I have a specific distaste for these past few weeks. I see myself in their words, their comments on life, advice and opinions. My mother would’ve (and still, annoyingly enough) pointed out to me my simple progress on the ladder of life, arguing that I am not old enough to make such statements regarding my velocity. She still tells me this, however at this point I can agree more often then not.

I hear the indicative statements made around me, and I am annoyed with the fact that I feel those who utter them are not qualified to speak so definitively. I suppose the next stage in my specific evolution would be to harness the ability to let the opinions and actions of others be rain on my windshield.