I have to start thinking harder, harness this new found focus for profit. Providence is whispering wisdom, and I am glad to be all ears. I was doing one of my final research papers today and I read a quote from a whacked out director. I find it so interesting how some people can become so wrapped up in making a difference the lives of others that their own lives are left unfulfilled.

The quote was “Innovation is the precursor for success.” This screamed at me from the page, just like the comment of a cook did today, “You’ll never make it working for anyone else.”

I see it every day, the work it will take to build my empire. I am so excited for a change, I love change and I need it. Lifting heavy as often as I can. A new city with new people, less distraction and nothing but focus and goals. The hard road makes me stronger, the next exit is up ahead to a bigger road.