I’ve heard a lot about Huckabee’s on evolution, and his glorious straight talk. He did not answer the question; a straight answer would have been saying no, I don’t believe in evolution. I like the man because he is a passionate, and a good speaker. I don’t like anyone however who refuses to believe that which is proven. We are 99% related DNA wise to Chimpanzees, and what makes us Homo sapiens is less than 1% of our code. IMHO, I think that to say we are not related to that which mirrors us is idiotic. That does not rule out God. God and evolution do not contradict each other. The hundreds of African cichlids that spawned from a single stranded fish in Lake Tanganyika didn’t just appear.

I don’t think that people who wrote the bible thought it would be a good idea to go into great detail about how people were created, it never mattered. Even if they did know we were molded from the clay of primates, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to tell everyone. What matters is that we are here, we didn’t just appear, we were created, and that process took a time. Evolution is not something to believe in, evolution is an observation and it is observed everywhere. Even though I am not voting, if I were to vote, it would not be for Huckabee. He is like a vestigial appendage, believing the knowledge passed on to him simply because his forefathers taught him such. Just open your eyes, evolution is everywhere.