Money interviews personal finance guru Suze Orman – Jun. 19, 2008: “A. No. I think it’s absolutely possible you could see oil go to $150 or $160. I’d never tell you to put 100% of your money into anything. But I think in this economy you need to manage your money more actively.”

Oh Suze Orman ye that defecates so effortlessly where you eat. You shun passive management in favor of vehicles designed to be actively traded?

Variable annuities can be an incredible deal when utilized properly. There is nothing wrong with paying an insurance company to insure you money. It is done for your house, your car, your health, why not your retirement? How else do you combat market risk in retirement, bond ladders?

I’m with you on the Target funds, their performance is poor matched with a poor strategy.

How can you find an adviser you can trust? Her answer sucks, don’t gauge them on some set answer criteria. My answer?

Simple. Find someone you can trust, someone that will always take your calls. Someone that will explain things to you so that you can understand, and wants you to be educated. If you would feel awkward introducing said person to your family members, or talking to them in general then you’ve got the wrong adviser. Spend some time with him or her, do lunch. Ask them what they invest in, where they are from, what their goals are. Build a relationship, ask them to introduce you to other planners that will second their advice. Any adviser that you think you’ll never see again with the exception of MAYBE fee based, steer clear.