So the Mole claims, why not just build your own allocation for retirement. Why not manage your assets on your own. Who needs a planner to do it for you?

I hate hearing advice like that, not just because I am a planner. How many people have the time, know how, desire to do that? If you understand asset allocation, diversification, and a variety of other tools then by all means don’t waste your money to have someone tell you what you already know.

We all know however, that there are just so many risks involved, why not leave it to a professional that will ensure you can sleep at night. Who wants to look at the market everyday in retirement. I know I don’t, i’d rather golf or travel. Is saving 1% worth that risk?

Chances are you aren’t going to know if the time is best to refinance, if your estate plan won’t cripple your heirs, if you can reduce your taxes, how much you can live on in retirement, and countless other questions that a qualified professional can answer. Even if you already know, is it not wise to seek professional advice in important endeavors? Funny how you don’t see many people out there telling you not to use your accountant, or your lawyer. Your financial advisor should be the same way.

It is nice to have someone to keep an eye on what you’ve worked your entire life to build, rather than just do it yourself and risk making a dire mistake. Someone you can trust, someone that you can call when you are unsure about something. Just my two cents.