In no particular order
Apocalypse Now

You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment. Because it’s judgment that defeats us.

I credit my father with a desire to uncover the true nature of humanity. This movie for me, seen first at such a young age was an eye opening experience. It taught me that man is simply a function of his environment; the harsher the environment, the harsher human action. This movie displayed man frayed in cinematic beauty.

The Last of the Mohicans

My father warned me about people like you, he told me do not try to understand them, do not try to make them understand you.

Day-Lewis is a pure artist. Even the soundtrack from this movie is enchanting, beckoning to an age of turmoil. So many scenes in this movie are epic (the waterfall! that is what love should be like), along with scenery that defies imagination.