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This theme is addictive! Maybe because I just love to talk about myself. How do you have someone that is narcissitic yet insecure at the same time? Anyway..

5 Things People Don’t Know About Me

1.) When I was in the army, and we got our first weekend leave we went to a strip club called Jaguars in El Paso, Texas. I got one lap dance and tipped the girl six dollars when she informed me the dance was $30. I was unnerved and totally turned off, I hate strip clubs to this day. I have refused to go to one since that occurrence. They also make me slightly uncomfortable.

2.) I have no fear of dying. I sometimes fantasize about Lord of the Flies type scenarios because I believe that would separate those that covet the skills in life that make a difference in survival from those that spend life refining skills that are inherently useless outside of civilization.

3.) I was born in America but my culture is distinctly not American. America is tremendously bland when it comes to culture, and while the best country in the world, I believe we are a Rome destined to succumb to a similar fate. My allegiance lies with the tools I covet to improve my short time on this earth and no nation / nation state. I hope I am wrong about this. I think I would have no problem living in another country. My sister is tremendously happy doing this now (Dubai), and my parents did it for a while in the 70s.

4.) I think natural selection has chosen hybrid races such as mine as the vehicle for human evolution, and soon everyone will look like me. Either a massive plague or large scale conflict will eventually prove this theory correct. Men that chose to shave their heads are embracing a more efficient, aerodynamic lifestyle as hair is merely an aesthetic for those who are slaves to their phenotypes. Baldness has been proven an innovation of genetic evolution to increase signaling efficiency. (this is half joke, but half true)

5.) I think Jim Morrison and Maynard of Tool are incredible poets and admire Jews above all other cultures.

6.) I think religion holds back people from knowledge.

7.) I don’t think I would hesitate if I had to kill another human being.

Phew.. Mildly psychotic huh? I am extremely American Psycho, but there is the theory that everyone else is crazy and I am the sane one.. but I doubt that applies here 😉