I was reading something over at Scriptor that made me realize why Marriage is such a bad deal in so many ways. Yes, I do know statistically your health, age, and happiness are all markedly greater in a monogamous relationship. Bah who needs all that stuff anyway.

We were never designed to be just one woman one man, that is a religious and socioeconomically introduced evolution. If one looks at the size of the male testes, comparing it with our closest relatives and cousins in the animal kingdom, and then analyze their frequency of sexual contact and habits this is clear. I’m sure there was a book written on this utilizing an analogy with flowers and bees. I know Jarrod Diamond discusses it extensively in his tome on the evolution of the third chimpanzee.

This is exactly why I have a bet with a colleague that whomever gets married first has to give the other one $10,000. The stakes go up once we hit 30 to 25k.

He has a serious girlfriend that he loves, and I haven’t had one since college (going on 3 years now?) I am going to win and be miserable and rich in the process. So be it 🙂