Blog is now at http://www.phenotyped.com, i’m hoping to maybe ad some other bloggers in the future but for now it is just me.

A great deal has changed, and the thing i’ve enjoyed the most is the fact that things continue to change. I have been successful in evolving along with change.

Change has been the catch phrase hasn’t it? I’m living in L.A now, doing lots of traveling, and so happy to be rid of Florida hopefully for good. Working a few jobs in the land of unemployment has been good to me.

In the past I might of credited my continued success to some higher power’s intervention. A looking out for me specifically because I was of such faith, after all my name has strong biblical ties. I am very calm these days, I question more, and much less angers me. I have learned from an urge to seek knowledge to cease ignoring facts.

I have learned from considerable mental strife and agony that there is no secret to life. Evolution is a fact, and facts are the truth. I will continue to be a seeker of truth. The truth is that there is no fate, nor any plan. We are just vehicles for instructions, and the best methods continue on not the best people. The path to truth is not through faith, it is through knowing the truth, and knowing thyself.

As for life, I am going to enjoy it and commit to little in the short time that I’m here. Things I love that i’m doing now? Traveling, cooking, lifting, and learning.

Stay Tuned.