So now youd better stop and rebuild all your ruins,
For peace and trust can win the day
Despite of all your losing.

So an update of sorts; as most already know I’m living in L.A (just moved from Hollywood to a commune near UCLA) working a few jobs (retail, restaurant, marketing).

I just returned from a journey in the east. Starting in Brooklyn I stayed with a friend hanging out playing jeopardy all night eating pizza. The following morning I shot NYC all day, mostly in the rain. I met with an old friend for lunch midtown and had fantastic NY street food (Avocado Popsicles, Pumpkin pie ice cream, bbq duck and wanton soup, etc.) I went to a few bars in Brooklyn that night and the following morning met two other good friends for a buffalo mozza and prosciutto panini. That afternoon we drove to Staten Island, and then to Atlantic City. Knocked out a bottle of wine and some chicken marsala at the Tropicana and then slept. I woke up to one friend winning $150 or so at craps, another loosing big on Blackjack, and my characteristically loosing my 20 dollars at blackjack.

The next day I took an amtrack to Albany, one of the best experiences riding in a comfy car up the Hudson river. I stopped at Penn Station to have a beautiful pastrami sandwich with chopped liver on rye. Once in Albany I met 2 friends with a car and we drove to Lake Placid. We drank a great deal and by the time we arrived, we were throughly tired. The following day my friend competed in the Ironman race, and the last day we went bobsledding and hiking in the Adirondacks followed by a tremendous meal of mountain meat with escargot and pinot noir.

I’m back in L.A now and the summer heat has made the city stale. I am looking north to San Francisco for my next move, checking out San Diego in 2 weeks. As the Joni Mitchell would say, “we’ve got find our way, back to the garden.”