The weather in L.A has been so phenomenal lately. Cool breezes, sunshine, and balmy overcast mornings. I keep telling everyone I’m planning on jumping ship to NYC in December and I’m met with these shocked gazes, “why it is so cold there!” Everything is so mild here, so lukewarm. Nothing is ever truly that serious; everyone is way too relaxed for that. I got in a conversation yesterday with some folks who exclaimed to my great delight, “NYC is a superior city to L.A in every way.” Not sure if I will go that far, but it is hard to argue.
Yet, I love L.A. It has a magical quality to it; things here are just so different compared to any other place I’ve been. So many places to explore, so much culture. Someone was telling me about how USC is in the heart of a horrid area, yet it has this superior alumni group, it’s extremely expensive, and has better job placement. UCLA strangely is much cheaper, in an extremely nice area (next to Bel Air and Bev Hills) yet most people attend to continue their studies, rather than acquire USC caliber jobs. Strange indeed.
I love how people seem to think that cold weather is Avian flu here, a similar predicament exists in Florida. Even though I am genetically predisposed against cold weather because my skin, there are such things as hats and coats. I will probably be cursing this line of thinking come January.

Lastly, I just thought this was a splendid piece, worth the read.

Rationality is based on what can be demonstrated. If you can’t demonstrate something, you have no basis for rationality. You have only arbitrary propositions that are all equally legitimate. As many of these propositions are contradictory, they cannot all be legitimate.

The Bible may have actual, demonstrable facts; but I will wager none of these facts are related to god in any way whatsoever. I suspect that most of the Bible cannot be demonstrated, except by the Bible itself, which results in a tautology. -Nigel

Happy Friday.