L.A is a very cult like.

What do I mean by this? For starters the food culture here, it’s gimmicky. The hottest things are driving around in trucks tweeting, which I think is fabulous yet a part of me feels like it wouldn’t be so popular if it merely was an unassuming storefront. Restaurants are corporations, with followers and multiple locations.

Fashion. I’m sorry, but I don’t get the sneakerhead thing – to me a 30 year old man should not be wearing the same thing grade school children wear in multicolored sneakers. I don’t have more than 2 pairs of any shoe, let alone 40. I don’t care if a hip hop designer spray painted them. I LOVE when if I go to a club/bar and they won’t let us in because someone in my party is wearing sneakers.

Scientology – I need not comment on how they own Hollywood.

Using internal Scientology documents such as “Sea Organization Flag Order 343B. 30 May, 1977,” and others, Kent writes, “In considerable detail the RPF document laid out the framework of forcible confinement, physical and social maltreatment, intensive reindoctrination, and forced confessions that were (and are) central to the program’s operation” (Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force, November 7, 1997).

A recently rediscovered friend of mine asked me for my thoughts on L.A and I thought I would repost here. L.A is sprawling and diverse, it can take hours to travel its endless superhighways. There are so many freeways I don’t even know all of their names. You can find any city in L.A, but the mood is universal. Everything is chill, you rarely have to worry about the way you look going anywhere, it is come as you are, everywhere. If perchance you see someone wearing a suit and tie you instantly know they aren’t from SoCal. It reminds me of those old western towns; colossal flashy billboards yet when you look behind them you see they are propped up by balsa wood and empty. It is a land of dreamers, people come here to escape reality, to start over. No one tells you here to cease chasing your dreams, even if you are 37 and still waiting tables, hoping to be discovered. The people from SoCal love it here; while they might consider school or a sojourn on the east coast they would never want to live anywhere else.

The stereotypes are so true; the valley girl, the tanned surfer, the Venice beach hippy commune, the orange county cougar. There is no wake up call, only endless casting calls full of 1000s of the same person who thinks for some reason he is different than all the rest. L.A is behind the rest of the world and could care less. Frank Llyod Wright said it best, if the world were tipped over on it’s side, everything loose would end up in L.A.