So I got a ride home the other day from a friend at work because the bane of my existence, my vehicle was experiencing technical difficulty. She asked, “So what do you blog about?” I immediately answered, “whatever comes to mind, anything, finance, rants, etc.” She looked at me and said unconvincingly, “oh I bet you are a good ranter.”

I’m not so sure about that. A couple people in the past few weeks told me that it wasn’t such a great idea to be oh so gloomy all the time. Recession, we all know we are in one, and it probably isn’t going to end anytime soon. Be optimistic I’m told, after all, there are green shoots…..

Maybe I should stop harping on it, twittering about it, setting my Facebook status to economic data. I suppose so, but I am so interested in the economy. I feel like most people just aren’t aware the consequences of events like of credit contraction (wow, that sounded geeky). I talked about commodities last month and this month, NY Times is talking about the same thing.

I talk to friends and associates and I feel like people are buying the propaganda that things are dramatically improving. My mother tells me that I am the town crier, screaming the end is near while everyone else goes on with their lives. In L.A people really don’t seem to care about the economy all that much. I asked someone to guess my age yesterday and they said 38; only 15 years off. I suppose that should be reason for worry when looks it pays to be attractive.

I need to figure out what I should pursue next. I am bored;  I am adrift with all the dreamers. Never before I have I been surrounded by so many people so willing to dwell on unrealistic expectations, living mediocre lives in the meantime. A friend and professor of Marketing told me I should go back to school, and I am beginning to think she is right.