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I love this phrase, heard it on Mad Men and then in conversation the other day.  So in the spirit of random:

I was having a conversation with our resident town crier at my restaurant job the other day when he made an interesting observation. People are neither polite nor kind anymore these days.

I have always prided myself on the fact that I am never rude to anyone, I don’t see the point of it being rude. He highlighted the Kanye West incident, Rep. Joe Wilson yelling at the President, etc. L.A times talked about it like it was some new affliction leading to the decline of civility. I think it has to do with proximity. People in the Midwest and remote areas are much friendlier because they have to cope with one another far less frequently.

In other randomness, I was fascinated to discover that several people I know, who I would consider rather hairy abhor hair on others. I remember as a child being amazed that my late grandmother had a mustache. Apparently a high fat levels promote increased levels of circulating insulin causing the ovaries to produce androgen. Hirsutism is another reason to not be fat.

Lastly, a great quote from Timothy Leary, an extremely fascinating person: Before his first experiments with mushrooms, Leary had described his life of 35 years disparagingly, writing he had been “an anonymous institutional employee who drove to work each morning in a long line of commuter cars and drove home each night and drank martinis … like several million middle-class, liberal, intellectual robots.”