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I took an Intro to Buddhism class in the twilight of my college years. I had a pretty good understanding of the religion however the class went in depth; I was largely uninterested due to the instruction coming from a lame brained grad student. As I continue my never ending quest for the perfect tattoo, I was reading some Buddhist tenets and I recalled my main qualm with the religion.

In the eightfold path, practitioners are asked to a lot of “right” things. Some of them make sense.  “Do not become intoxicated to the point where you can’t control your speech or actions.” – If anything is ever said about my personal philosophy, they will say that it borrowed a great deal from Buddhism. I do however detract a great deal from “Do not kill other living things or ask that they be killed for you.”

I read an article about the issues with meat, and I watched F0od Inc with its depiction of the terrifying horrors of factory farming. Yet frankly, in my best Gordon Gecko voice, “Meat is good.”

I think people have started to realize in this century that there is no need for carbohydrates in our diet, they just taste great. Meat has become a great deal less healthy with all the genetic engineering we’ve done to it, but refusing to eat it is like not breathing air because it’s polluted.

I advocate vastly reducing or eliminating the intake of grains for almost everyone. Far more than the fat in the foods we eat, it’s the excess carbohydrates from our starch and sugar-loaded diet that’s making people fat and unhealthy, and leading to epidemic levels of a host of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

It was only with the advent of agriculture a mere 10,000 years ago, or 500 generations ago, that humans began ingesting large amounts of sugar and starch in the form of grains (and potatoes) into their diets. Indeed, 99.99% of our genes were formed before the advent of agriculture; in biological terms, our bodies are still those of hunter-gatherers.

Societies where the transition from a primarily meat/vegetation diet to one high in cereals show a reduced lifespan and stature, increases in infant mortality and infectious disease, and higher nutritional deficiencies. We haven’t suddenly evolved mechanisms to incorporate the high carbohydrates from starch and sugar-rich foods into our diet. –Dr. Joseph Mercola

Anyone who thinks otherwise I would urge to study the history of Homo Sapiens. Yes, we might of never reached civility without the population densities derived from the advent of agriculture – but we where weaned on meat. We have evolved to chase it, to hunt it, to digest it, yes some vegetables are great too – soy excluded!

I remember when I was a child and my father would torment me with Sci-Fi flicks; animals getting enlarged to astronomical proportions. We would watch massive house cats chasing around terrified owners and a home sized Fido eating little Jimmy. He would always comment, “What, do you think they wouldn’t eat us? We will even eat each other given the right circumstances.”

One cannot ignore the true nature of what we are as humans, no matter how much we effectively change the course of our evolutions. Given society, the rules deviate from simply the strong survive – but our bodies like meat. Besides, you know steak tastes great, even if you’ve convinced yourself you “just don’t like the taste.”