I was going over some of my older posts today thinking about how much my opinions have changed over the years on a variety topics.

10. I’m not against breast augmentation as I was a few years ago. These days I think it is your body, do what you want with it. I can respect that.

9. To focus much more on happiness rather than the future, success, or money is healthy. Naturally because of my personal evolution, like my friend Kram, financial independence is and has always been a huge goal for me.

8. I was telling the other day about how much I used to pray, and how religious I was. Casting off this illogical coil has been a huge benefit to my mental well being. I try to control my disdain for those that believe in creationism, and it has become less of an issue, like a parent who’s child believes in Santa Claus.

7. Vegans are morons – and their argument is seriously flawed. . Just because pigs have teeth similar to our own or factory farming is terrible does not mean we should just stop doing what we’ve evolved to do. I rant about this all the time. I still think sugar is evil, but I tend to not worry as much about my diet as I used too. This is a bad thing.

6. You are the 5 people you spend the most time with this one is huge. As much as I’ve felt in the past that my resolve is iron clad, we humans are like sponges.

5. The world is full of things we are not designed to utilize, the majority of our own design. It’s all poison..HF-CS, hallucinogens, stimulants, the Jonas brothers..etc.. The best life is one lived free, with a clear mind and body. For me this was a huge one this year, freeing myself of things in the past I negated as having a huge effect really cured a great deal of depression.

4. Scotch is the drink of lions, warriors, and kings. I never understood scotch when I was younger. Many things are hard to appreciate when you don’t understand them, but when they click the halo of enlightenment is bliss. As a man ages, he should drink less, and drink better. That’s it.

3. Spearfishing, or hunting of any kind is fantastic. Jacques Cousteau said that civilization is about farming replacing hunting, which I can appreciate – but if you can’t farm, then go hunt.

2. The man makes the man, but the clothes make him better. I actually shop for clothes now, something I’ve not done since the first day of 7th grade.

1. Los Angeles is unlike any other place in the United States. It is the perfect place for people to live that don’t know what they want to do. Once you figure it out, if it isn’t art related, then it is usually time to leave.