It would appear, after reading about the specifications of the new Apple iPad that the worlds most innovative company has finally faltered. Apple is a brilliant company, the instigators of the revolution; yet as a life long computer user, programmer, and builder I have never been seduced by Apple computers.

Apple makes computers for people that don’t understand computers. I make this claim and people jump up to argue with me because they are in love with the clean intuitive design, the ease of use, the lack of viruses, the innovate interfaces.. I could go on. As far as the computer goes, that is simply window dressing. Apple makes people fall in love with the whole so that they are able to neglect the parts, after all, who cares about the chipset or the mainboard? People who understand computuers.

Obviously I’m stereotyping here, because there are some uber geeks that use Apples, but ask your average Mac user what chip set they are running, what speed their RAM is,or how their hard drive is setup and you will receive and answer like, “Oh, I have a MacBook Pro, the new one.” The migration to Cloud Computing is leading to a vast ignorance in regards to computers. It is application ready, press the button and start using applications. Most people simply don’t know how a computer works, they just know how to use it. Apple covets and breeds users, endlessly trapped in the upgrade cycle.

This was a different argument completely back when Apple was utilizing a completely different architecture all together (one vastly superior for multitasking actually), but it all changed when they began sourcing the same semiconductors as PCs. Most call it the Apple Tax

The MacBook Pro situation is worse, especially when you factor in the oh-so-viable option of a $1700 last-gen MBP delivering the same basic performance as the current $2500 model. But even when you consider the $2000 config against the $2500 one, the pricier one holds more value: Double the RAM, video memory, L2 cache and more storage/speed. It’s almost dumb to get the $2000 one. Except for the fact you’re now talking about a $2500 computer. – Gizmodo

I can take a PC and build it exactly how I want it hardware wise. I can upgrade it, I can overclock it, I can mod the case, I can control everything. I simply cannot do this on a Mac, and I am going to pay more for it because it comes prettier (out of the box).

If you look at the history of Apple, you can see that it was started by Hackers. People that had limited funds and extensive know how, who were interested in developing machines for others who understood computers. They used to even include the schematic of the entire computer when you purchased it! Now it is different, if you try to change anything the warranty is voided. At this point, you can find people who understand computers using both Apple and Non-Apple operating systems just because they are both so prevalent – however many of them are using hackintoshes (custom built PCs running apple software).

Calling oneself a geek or a hacker used to have an air of elitism to it. You had to take time to read manuals, understand the software limitations and abilities; you had to actually learn. Now the applications are so easy to use, anyone can create a song, make a movie, start a blog. It is genius when you think about it, they have been able to expand to every demographic of user with one exception, people who understand computers.