I haven’t had much to say in a while, looking at some past entries. I’ve done far more reading.. I think I have always known that I have an issue with saying to much. I am often inspired by those that live life with no mind to whom might notice. Watching a few older interviews done by Marlon Brando, I find his preternatural sense of perception and disregard for his celebrity so interesting.

I do have things to say however. All I listen to these days is Jazz music, the participants are as fascinating as the sounds they create. Andrew Hill, with songs like Passing Ships, and Siete Ocho; for me there are no better soundtracks to the time I spend alone. Eric Dolphy, someone whom I simply could not understand has become an enigma unraveled with songs like Hat and Beard, to me it sounds as if the two lobes of the brain are arguing in and out of disharmony. Lee Morgan doing Since I fell for you.. I could go on and on.

Mixology is a new interest. There is something very cool about pouring through a strainer into a martini glass, having the liquid come to a stop at the perfect position. The martini bar in my room is under construction. Old movies remain a perennial favorite. Watching Ben Hur again, I was amazed at all of the religious propaganda that sullied the story. Yet I still found it magnificent… the towering orchestra, flooding the scenes with emotion. I wonder, in a time where sequels and 3D movies rule the day if acting will ever achieve great levels again. Just to listen to the dialog and how superior it was.

I was watching Meet the Press and Joe Klein made a comment that I found profound. He referred to the evolving zeitgeist of the current age, that for the first time in American history we fear that the world we bequeath to our children will be inferior to our own; that the future does not look bright. This long has been a tenet of my ideology, why I feel that we must be prepared for the outcomes before they arise. Tony Blair said that history of the next century shall no longer be written nor remembered through the lens of Western civilization.  I think we are at a turning point.