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In my endless pursuit of all things Korean my new friend and ambassador to the marvelous world of K-Town suggested we try Kobawoo House. The value here certainly made me want to dance.


Long been a selection on Jabba the Hut’s (Jonathan Gold) 99 Essential list I’ve was eager to check the place out. Very glad that I did.

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On a Friday lunch this place was packed. The combination lunch was only $10! That alone will make me a frequent customer.

The kimchi pancake that we started with was excellent (which we opted for instead of the seafood, my usual beat). It had a great texture, although I would’ve preferred it a bit hotter. My friend mentioned that it isn’t as good once it gets cold which proved indeed true.

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I’m starting to realize what a bad blogger I am in barely remembering to take pictures. I was post leg workout and starving at the beginning of this meal. The banchan (side dishes) were medium plus quality.

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Banchan are often my favorite part of the meal and here they did not disappoint but, did not blow me away. One of the reasons why I love FarmShop is the attention to side dishes, and their ubiquitous presence in all of the dishes there.  The kimchi was probably the best of the 4 that came promptly to the table. Nice crunch and texture but slightly lacking on the garlic and heat. 

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The dish we were after is Bossam, basically a korean style taco of pork belly wrapped by hand in cabbage with dried radish, coated in a piquant chilly sauce, and topped with a shrimp paste. I particularly liked the shrimp paste.

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I’m always happy to be eating any sort of radish, they are so crunchy and great for digestion. Great first date food.

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On the side came what was explained to me as a Korean style miso soup. This is piping hot and DELICIOUS. I couldn’t believe that all of this was only 10$. I loved the flavors and the spices here, slightly nutty, creamy, and rich.

As we were finishing the meal, I noticed a curious machine next to the door. The choices were apparently coffee vs. tea. I decided on tea and I was offered a fantastic black sesame tea upon exit. This was gritty, sweet, and delicious – almost like warm oatmeal. Really enjoyed it, although it was a little too hot outside for such a warm beverage.

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I was told these machines are all over Korea; I started searching craigslist to put one in my living room.