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Being a frequent imbiber of tea (lapsang souchong, almost daily) and reader of several tea blogs I was eager to try this Canadian import in Burlingame. A colorful and fun tea shop called David’s Tea. Article discussing more about the company in WSJ.

The place is extremely colorful, almost yogurt shop like. Extremely clean and bright. I can see this taking off in L.A, the next Lululemon.


As the article suggests, Tea is one of the only things that you can still sample the best quality in the world for cheap. While I understand that used to be true for wine, that boat has long left the harbour.


The customer service here was exemplary. “Hi, how are you, let me get you some samples” was the greeting from the happy teen behind the counter. She also exhibited great selling techniques with a series of well rehearsed qualifying questions. “Do you want something caffeinated or decaf? Something floral, fruity, spicy, or earthy?” I couldn’t help but start thinking about wines, one of the few beverages other than tea and coffee that can express all of those qualities. 

As I drank my tea on the way out I noticed a large warlock walking down the street. As you can see, he wasn’t paying attention to the crosswalk signs. Probably off to spread evil.

warlock's in the bay area

warlock’s in the bay area

This was mildly disturbing, but the Tea was highly satisfactory.