Monday Morning Links 7/29

A friend came over this morning and noticed, “Gee, you have a million tabs open.” Which made me think, “I should do a post on every tab I have open on Monday morning, every monday, just to show how wonderfully unproductive I can be.”

1. I was thinking about making a run at the CSS exam, started doing some research

2. I love Kaufmann Mercantile, they have some really cool quality products. I am going to order this Belgian Linen; then I have to figure out why I need it / what to do with it

3. Ryan Holiday’s Newsletter is open in my gmail. I share his love of the book Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius. (which inspired one of my tattoos actually)

4. Smitten Kitchen (Banana Nutella Bars)- I subscribe to the mailing list. Such creativity and great recipes. Awesome photography as well.

5. I was looking up Kurt’s Tour Dates; I am a huge fan, I think he is the best male jazz vocalist out there. Downbeat Magazine agrees

6. Assassin Blowgun Bowie Knife This seemed like something I needed to add to my Zombie Apocalypse Kit, that resides in my trunk

7. I heard parts of this story on NPR on the way to work, I wanted to hear the rest. Really interesting.

8. I was thinking about making going to the standing desk, seeing as I am at mine for hours at a time. I liked this design

9. Another NPR story that I liked. Loved the trailer about Mad 80’s Coders

10. Love the Truthseekers radio show, great background music. The 7/27 show was really bumping on the way home the other night

11. Heston Blumenthal on Meat, over at Fine Dining Lovers

12. I read pretty much everything on the Priceonomics website. Excellent

13. Still trying to finish the paper from the weekend. I was looking into hiking in Yosemite this Fall…

14. The Tónica Jazz festival is in a 4 days in Mexico. I wish I could go..

15. The WSJ has an article on how to make the perfect Meringue


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