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After a decadent and spicy meal at Chengdu Taste, we were in need of something cool and refreshing. I’m not huge on dessert honestly, but I will eat anything that is in front of me ( especially if it is molten and chocolate). Our cognoscenti dining companions recommended that we try Pa Pa Walk for their Mango Snowy. I’m extremely glad that we did.

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This place was certainly odd, and hard to find. Most of the people inside were eating dinner; the establishment strikes me as kind of a cheap fast food spot. The menu is extensive, and had quite a few unusual items. The ‘Thicken soup’ was intriguing.

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I saw quite a few different versions of Snowy’s (A style of shaved ice from Taiwan called Baobing, originating in China in the 7th century) but we opted for the Mango, and the Green Tea. I saw a few versions of this at Night Market, but none were really executed well. This was on a different level, ice shaved so fine that it could’ve been a pile of snowflakes.

I’m not really a fan of Boba. I don’t really want to suck huge sticky gelatinous balls through a straw, i’ve never really understood the phenomenon which I think is based on texture rather than flavor. My friend ordered this boba, which was actually completely delicious. The flavor (I think it was coconut?) was delicious concentrated sugar. I steered clear of the boba at the bottom though.

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The Mango was a different stratosphere of sugar, laden with sweetened condensed milk, it was one of those desserts you just keep eating, not really noticing exactly how much sugar you are eating. Heaping hunks of ripe mango, and super cold ice. This was the small!

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The Green tea also was delicious. I’m a huge fan beans in dessert. This one came with tapioca, rice balls, red bean, vanilla ice cream, and of course condensed milk.

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I think my insulin level was elevated to the point of asphyxiation after all of this dessert. The ice was so soft and fluffy, melting quickly in the mouth yet holding it’s integrity for quite some time in the bowl. Great stuff.