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This year’s Harvest Party, the 4th Annual I believe, was the most beautifully designed one yet. The Harvest Party is an event put on by some talented young ladies at a private establishment in Venice Beach, it is exclusive and invite only. With a free flowing architecture designed more for noshing and mingling, it quickly descended into a quagmire of public drunken-ness, dog photography, pyrotechnics, and gluttony.

The course changes were seamless, with my personal favorite dishes as a fried ball of some sort of cheese with sriracha aioli, a dry aged steak salad, and a delightful endive quinoa appetizer by Sarah Tivel.

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Yet some members of the party who shall remain unnamed were intent upon pushing the jovial evening to the brink of bacchanalia, and took all party goers with them.

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I myself prepared what can only be called a ‘Roofy-Colada’, a punch spiked with a dizzying array of alcohols and fruit juices. Many of the party goers decided to mix eggnog and Courvoisier, much the chagrin of the producer of the eggnog. The level of inebrieatude was considerate, with most of the photography here incoherent, out of focus, and strange.

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Quite a few of these pictures I don’t believe I even took. Everyone had a delightful time catching up, laughing, and gazing at the Venice Beach stars under the Spanish moss, which strangely enough does not grow in Venice Beach.