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Some friends and I went downtown after a dim sum excursion to the Art’s District a few weeks back to check out some hipster coffee at Handsome Roasters – we were slightly underwhelmed.

My good friend and all around good dude Chris ‘Nicely’ Abel Alameda I know had something to do with Handsome Roasters, but I thought the barista work was rather pour down there.

I love and frequent Menotti’s, Nicely’s new spot in Venice – which has a fantastic Mocha and a supreme playlist blasting most mornings.

Still, it is worth the trip to check out the beautiful street art, as well as the space design which is industrial and elegant – much like Four Barrel in San Fran. I love the space, but it’s overpriced for being hidden in an industrial back-lot style space nearby the scenic dried up L.A river.

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Afterwards we shuttled over to The Last BookStore – one of the coolest places in all of DTLA. Extremely well priced books (I picked up 6, most of which were 5 dollars) and a very curated selection – especially the cookbooks. I doubt books will ever go away I think they will just get cheaper; I don’t believe anything can replace a bookshelf.

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We later checked out the L.A Natural History Museum, which has an impressive collection of dinosaur bones. I watched several small children deftly putting together dino bones at an interactive exhibit while I couldn’t seem to make heads or tails. 

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The Museum had quite a few taxidermied animals, some of which bore a striking resemblance to some close friends and ex-girlfriends of mine. 

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The exhibit was celebrating 100 years of water in Los Angeles, and had quite a bit of interesting history and some lovely gardens on the exterior.

The gardens outside were full of children destroying various forms of plant life which was quite fun to observe – particularly in the herb / edible garden which was swarming with bees and butterflies. Just beyond the walls of the museum is the USC Rose Garden; such a beautiful afternoon kind of makes one forget that the season is Fall / Winter. 

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