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Maysville happened to be right around the corner from where I was meeting a dear friend (and current a sous chef at Le Bernadin) for drinks at the Library Bar at the Hotel NoMad (which was absolutely fantastic, but too dark and busy for pictures) so I thought a quick hit and run might be in order. The place was packed, and has a back bar full of whiskey and bourbon – thinking back now it reminds me of Hard Water, a place I recently stopped by in San Francisco.

Maysville is named after Maysville, Kentucky – the so called birthplace of bourbon. I was excited for this one as Chef Knall had decamped from Gramercy Tavern to give birth to this American style eatery. When we arrived the place was packed, and we were stuffed in a corner in the back, which was comfortable but extremely busy. Reading over the menu, everything sounded really excellent, but I was on the way to another dinner so I really just wanted to try a few dishes.

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I can’t quite remember the first dish we tried, but the plating was rather plain, and so was the taste. This dish was small tender mushrooms (not quite confiture) on top of a potted pork rillette. The consistency wasn’t quite creamy enough, nor was this dish really remarkable.

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Next was a slow cooked egg, most likely sous vide in a duck broth with maitake mushrooms, collard greens, and shards of duck confit. This dish sounded fantastic, but it didn’t come out quite hot, closer to warm. This dish needed a great deal more grits to buoy the broth. It broke down into kind of a soupy mess that wasn’t especially appetizing.

Lastly we tried the brussel sprouts, which were doused in vinegar, deep fried too far, and coated with some micro planed hard cheese. I wanted to like this dish with its pleasing crunch and kept eating it incessantly, yet it simply wasn’t cooking with love. The presentation was lacking color and creativity, which unfortunately is how I ended up feeling about the majority of the meal.taco (5 of 5)

Taking a look at the menu online again it seems that all of these dishes have changed, and I would be eager to give this place another go – it seems to have lots of promise just lacks a bit on the execution.